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  Consent-Law & Justice Services    #   17.    
Board of Supervisors Sheriff-Coroner  
Meeting Date: 02/25/2020  
Brief Title:    Surrendered and Abandoned Vessel Exchange Grant Agreement
From: Tom Lopez, Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator
Staff Contact: Dale Johnson, Undersheriff, Sheriff’s Office, x5256

Approve the Surrendered and Abandoned Vessel Exchange Grant Agreement between the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office and the California State Department of Parks and Recreation, and authorize Tom A. Lopez, Yolo County Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator as signatory. (No general fund impact for 2019-20, general fund impact 2020-21) (Lopez/Johnson)
Recommended Action
  1. Approve the Surrendered and Abandoned Vessel Exchange (SAVE) Grant Agreement between the Sheriff’s Office and the State for SAVE-19 grant funding; and
  2. Authorize Tom A. Lopez, Yolo County Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator as signatory.
Strategic Plan Goal(s)
Safe Communities
  • Reduce criminal activity and recidivism
Reason for Recommended Action/Background
The Sheriff’s Boating Safety Program has been responsible for patrolling all waterways and conducting related search and rescue operations countywide since July 1973. The Boating Safety Section performs the vital function of ensuring citizen safety along the recreational waterways located within Yolo County.  Marine patrol operations are funded with state operational boating safety grant, local boat property tax revenue, Proposition 172 Public Safety Funds and County General Fund monies.

The State Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) recognizes that boats abandoned in waterways can pose a danger to citizen safety by impeding navigation and damaging the environment. As part of its commitment to provide clean, safe and enjoyable recreational boating on California’s lakes, rivers, and harbors, DBW administers the SAVE grant program. This program assists local agencies in removing abandoned vessels and other potentially dangerous debris within navigable waterways under their jurisdiction.  The SAVE grant provides funds to public agencies such as the Sheriff's Office to remove, store, and dispose of abandoned, wrecked, or dismantled vessels or any other partially submerged objects and debris which pose a substantial hazard to navigation.  The funds are also available to dismantle and dispose of vessels that have been surrendered by the registered owner to avoid a potential illegal “dumping” of the boat. As a condition of the grant award agreement, the Sheriff's Office complies with all California laws regarding titles and liens in conjunction with each abandoned vessel, as well as works to secure bids from qualified and adequately insured contractors to perform any salvaging, storage, and dismantling work required. 
The Sheriff’s Office previously participated in the SAVE Grant Program from November 2017 through March 2019. During this grant period, the Sheriff’s Office completed the abatement of 17 boats.  This included the removal and disposal of the St. Joseph, a large abandoned vessel located on the Sacramento River near West Sacramento.
The Sheriff’s Office has been awarded $41,500 in SAVE–19 Grant funding for the period of February 11, 2020 through September 30, 2021. No additional appropriations are needed for FY19-20.  A 10% match of funds (cash or in-kind contributions) in the FY 20-21 Budget is required from the County.  The match of cash or in-kind contributions will be determined during the FY20-21 budget process. Because this agreement is between two government entities, Board of Supervisors approval is now requested to approve the execution of this agreement and authorize Sheriff Lopez as signatory.  
Collaborations (including Board advisory groups and external partner agencies)
County Counsel has approved the attached agreement as to form.
Competitive Bid Process
The competitive bid process does not apply to this Recommended Action.
Att. A. Grant Agreement

Form Review
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Dale Johnson Dale Johnson 02/11/2020 12:08 PM
Tom Lopez Tom Lopez 02/11/2020 12:48 PM
Financial Services Melissa Patterson 02/12/2020 01:45 PM
County Counsel Hope Welton 02/12/2020 01:51 PM
Eric Will Eric Will 02/12/2020 05:51 PM
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Final Approval Date: 02/12/2020
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