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Board of Supervisors County Administrator  
Meeting Date: 11/17/2020  
Brief Title:    Leinberger Center Analysis
From: Patrick Blacklock, County Administrator, County Administrator's Office
Staff Contact: Eric Will, Management Analyst, County Administrator's Office, x8157

Receive presentation on Leinberger Replacement Project and consider actions needed to continue the project as planned. (No general fund impact) (Blacklock/Will)
Recommended Action
Receive presentation on Leinberger Replacement Project and consider actions needed to continue the project as planned.
Strategic Plan Goal(s)
Thriving Residents
Safe Communities
Reason for Recommended Action/Background
In 2015, Yolo County was awarded $30,500,000 in Senate Bill 863 (SB 863) grant funds as part of the Adult Local Criminal Justice Facilities Construction Program to complete the Leinberger Replacement Project. This project is aimed at updating the 25-year old Leinberger Center to provide additional flexibility through programming space without expanding the number of jail beds within the facility.

Since 2015, staff from several county departments have worked toward the completion of this project, and have fulfilled the many steps required by the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC), as well as the State Public Works Board. Currently, the State Department of Finance has authorized the County to proceed to bid out the construction of the project, and it is anticipated that staff shall bring back the contract for the lowest responsible bidder to the Board for consideration on December 15, 2020.

Leinberger Center Analysis Report
At the Board's request, staff has completed an analysis of the Leinberger Replacement Project, weighing the benefits of continuing the project as planned against declining the BSCC grant. The full analysis is provided as Attachment A to this staff report. In an effort to fully capture the documentation of this project without over encumbering this report, several attachments to that report have been made available upon request from the Clerk of the Board, and are noted within the report.

Through this analysis staff has made three major findings:
  1. California's jail population has experienced major fluctuations over time due to ongoing criminal justice reform, thus creating uncertainty and requiring flexibility on the part of counties throughout the state; 
  2. Changes in the jail population are not only numeric (quantitative) but also represent a shift toward housing more dangerous offenders that require specialized programming and housing (qualitative); and
  3. Utilizing grant funds through SB 863 to construct a facility at this time may provide additional flexibility in the future for reentry and programming, depending on state legislation and/or local action
Therefore, it is staff's recommendation that the Board reaffirm its commitment to continue this project, recognizing that the project does not increase jail beds, would increase programming flexibility for an increasingly diverse jail population, and would allow for additional opportunities in the future. This recommendation is supported by the Sheriff's Department, County Administrator's Office, and Department of Financial Services.
Collaborations (including Board advisory groups and external partner agencies)
The item was developed in collaboration with the Sheriff's Office, County Administrator's Office, Department of Financial Services, and Probation.

Fiscal Information
Potential fiscal impact (see notes in explanation section below)
Fiscal Impact of this Expenditure
Total cost of recommended action
Amount budgeted for expenditure
Additional expenditure authority needed $0
On-going commitment (annual cost)
Source of Funds for this Expenditure
General Fund $0
Further explanation as needed
Option 1 - Monroe Only
Under option 1, the Leinberger Facility would need to be demolished and the land would need to be restored to a minimum condition after the demolition of the facility. The estimated capital cost for this option is $1.049 million. Under this option, should the capacity associated with Leinberger be determined to be necessary at some point in the future, the County may need to construct a similar facility at that time, which is estimated currently at $34.279 million, based upon the current Leinberger project estimates. Depending on the costs associated with out of county housing and transportation, Option 1 has the potential to either relieve the County of $652,096 annually or to cost up to $1.82 million
Option 2 - Decline the Grant, but rehabilitate Leinberger
Under this option, the County should anticipate a minimum of $3.7 million - $4.3 million in costs in order to address the deferred maintenance. This wouldn’t upgrade the facility for a larger population or change who is qualified to be housed in the facility. These funds for deferred maintenance would be in addition to the currently expended County funds and a funding source for this has not yet been identified. The annual operating costs under this option would be like the existing operational costs of the Leinberger facility which is estimated to be $3.297 million
Option 3 - Accept Grant
The total cost of the project is $34.3 million of which the County has a local commitment of $3.6 million in cash contribution and has a $200k in-kind match. The County has already met the in-kind match and has expended $3.1 million of the existing cash match. Thus, the County has approximately $500k in remaining financial contribution to the project and has CIP Bond proceeds set aside to meet this need. The annual operating costs under this option would approximate the existing operational costs of the Leinberger facility is estimated to be $3.297 million per year.  
Att. A. Leinberger Center Analysis
Att. B. Presentation

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