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  Consent-Community Services   #   23.    
Board of Supervisors Community Services  
Meeting Date: 09/27/2016  
Brief Title:    NDM Contract with West Yost for Design Services
From: Taro Echiburu, Director, Community Services
Staff Contact: Regina Espinoza, CSA Manager, Community Services, x8725

Approve agreement with West Yost Associates, Inc. in the amount of $384,000 to design the infrastructure necessary for the extension of potable water from the City of Davis to the North Davis Meadows County Service Area, subject to final, minor edits approved in consultation with the Office of the County Counsel. (No general fund impact) (Echiburu/Espinoza)
Recommended Action
  1. Upon completion of final version of the Agreement, in consultation with the Office of the County Counsel, authorize the Chair of the Board to sign an Agreement for Design of Extending City of Davis water to North Davis Meadows County Service Area, in the amount of $384,000 for the contract period of one year with the option of extension; and
  2. Authorize the Director of Community Services to continue acting as the Authorized Representative in matters of communications and commitments, including execution of financial assistance agreements with the State Water Resources Control Board with regards to the North Davis Meadows Public Water System Consolidation Project and related State Revolving Fund Contracts, including the West Yost Associates, Inc Agreement.
Strategic Plan Goal(s)
Operational Excellence
Sustainable Environment
Reason for Recommended Action/Background
The recommended contract with West Yost Associates, Inc (Attachment A) provides for the design work of extending water services from the City of Davis to the North Davis Meadows County Service Area (CSA). The attached version is nearly final and is expected to require minor edits that will be completed in coordination with the Office of the County Counsel.

In particular, this contract will allow for the technical specifications required for the completion of the construction loan application to the State Water Boards through the State Revolving Fund Loan process. The West Yost scope of work was included in the planning loan application submitted to the State Water Board previously. This scope of work was also included in the Proposition 218 cost estimate, approved and passed by the residents of North Davis Meadows CSA and your Board earlier this year. It is now necessary to request that West Yost begin work on the design required, and in order to do so, the contract must be approved.

West Yost Associates, Inc previously produced a Technical Memorandum for use by the North Davis Meadows CSA on behalf of the City Davis in May 2013. As part of the consolidation discussion between the City of Davis and the North Davis Meadows CSA, it was discussed that West Yost Associates be the firm that continues the work that had previously been done, hence the agreement at this time with the North Davis Meadows CSA.

In addition to commencing with design services, the State Water Board requests that a representative be authorized in matters of communications and commitments. Specifically, the State requests a designee be directed to sign and file on behalf of the North Davis Meadows CSA and the County a financial assistance application for a financing agreement for the design of the Consolidation Project. The authorized representative would also have the ability to provide assurances, certifications and commitments required for the financial assistance application, including executing a financial assistance agreement from the State Water Resources Control Board and any amendments or changes. Staff recommendation at this time is that the Director of Community Services continue to be the Authorized Representative in communications with the State throughout the State Revolving Fund Planning and Construction Loan process.
Collaborations (including Board advisory groups and external partner agencies)
North Davis Meadows CSA Advisory Committee and Water Subcommittee.

Fiscal Information
Fiscal impact (see budgetary detail below)
Fiscal Impact of this Expenditure
Total cost of recommended action $384,000
Amount budgeted for expenditure $384,000
Additional expenditure authority needed $0
One-time commitment     Yes
Source of Funds for this Expenditure
General Fund $0
North Davis Meadows CSA $384,000
Att. A Agreement

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Taro Echiburu Beth Gabor 09/19/2016 04:39 PM
Financial Services Tom Haynes 09/20/2016 09:07 AM
County Counsel cscarlata 09/20/2016 04:24 PM
Form Started By: respinoza Started On: 07/12/2016 04:56 PM
Final Approval Date: 09/20/2016

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