January 22, 2020


The Yolo County Assessment Appeals Board met on the 22nd day of January, 2020, starting at 9:00 a.m. in regular session in the Board of Supervisors' Chambers in the Erwin W. Meier Administration Building, Woodland, California.
Present: Patrick Scribner; Lawrence Hoppin; Alan Flory
Staff Present: Charles Mack, Special County Counsel
Patricia Sanchez, Principal Appraiser
Lupita Ramirez, Deputy Clerk
1. Minute Order No. 20-01: Approved agenda as submitted.

MOTION: Flory. SECONDED: Hoppin. AYES: Flory, Hoppin, Scribner.
2. Public Comment: Opportunity for members of the public to address the Assessment Appeals Board on subjects not otherwise on the agenda relating to the Yolo County Assessment Appeals Board. The Board reserves the right to impose a reasonable limit on time afforded to any topic or to any individual speaker.

There was no public comment.
3. Minute Order No. 20-02: Approved  the minutes of the Assessment Appeals Board meeting of December 11, 2019.

MOTION: Hoppin.  SECONDED: Flory.  AYES: Flory, Hoppin, Scribner.
4. The Clerk swore in Principal Appraiser Patty Sanchez and Appraiser Sandy Leon.
5. Minute Order No. 20-03: Approved withdrawals on the following Assessment Appeal Application(s):
  1. Application No. 17-43 - Comcast IP Phone II LLC
  2. Application No. 17-44 - Comcast Broadband Security LLC
  3. Application No. 17-45 and 18-92 - Comcast Cable Communications Management LLC
  4. Application No. 17-53 - Sunpower Corporation
  5. Application No. 17-70 - Lowes HIW, Inc.
  6. Application No. 17-155 - TGI Equipment Corporation
  7. Application No. 18-73 - Guru Krupa LLC
  8. Application No. 18-74 - Lakeview Properties
  9. Application No. 18-78 - West Main Street Properties LLC (CVS as Applicant)
  10. Application No. 18-93 - Comcast of CA X Inc.
  11. Application No. 18-142 - Siemens Corporation

MOTION: Flory. SECONDED: Hoppin. AYES: Flory, Hoppin, Scribner.
6. Minute Order No. 20-04: Approved stipulation on the following Assessment Appeal Application(s):
  1. Application No. 18-24 - McCaffrey/McCaffrey Roma Rockwell

MOTION: Hoppin. SECONDED: Flory. AYES: Flory, Hoppin, Scribner.
7. Minute Order No. 20-05: Continued the following Assessment Appeal Application:
  1. Application No. 17-14 - Royale Energy, Inc. to February 26, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. (Appeal expires 12/31/20) (Mutual Request)
  2. Application No. 18-36 - Starbucks Corporation to April 22, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. (Appeal expires 11/2/20) (Assessor's Request)

MOTION: Flory. SECONDED: Hoppin. AYES: Flory, Hoppin, Scribner.
Considered Assessment Appeal No. 18-37 filed by Dolgen California, LLC (Dollar General). Peter Villaverde, agent, appeared. Principal Appraiser Patty Sanchez and Appraiser Sandra Leon addressed the Board.

During the presentation the following exhibits were submitted:

Applicant's Exhibit 1 - Presentation Packet

Assessor's Exhibit A - Response to Application for reduction

After consideration the matter was taken under submission. Applicant was appraised he would be notified of the decision in 30 days.
9. Approve closed session minutes of December 11, 2019.
Next meeting scheduled for: February 26, 2020
Patrick Scribner, Chairman
Assessment Appeals Board
Lupita Ramirez, Deputy Clerk
Assessment Appeals Board
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