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  Consent-General Government   #   13.    
Board of Supervisors County Counsel  
Meeting Date: 01/15/2019  
Brief Title:    Reaffirm use of Rosenberg's Rules of Procedure
From: Phil Pogledich, County Counsel
Staff Contact: Phil Pogledich, County Counsel, x8172

Affirm use of Rosenberg's Rules of Order as Board procedural rules in 2019, subject to minor modifications to reflect existing practices on public comments and other matters. (No general fund impact) (Pogledich)
Recommended Action
Affirm the use of Rosenberg's Rules of Order as Board procedural rules in 2019, subject to minor modifications relating to the use of comment cards, the use of motions for reconsideration, and the discretion of the Chair of the Board to modify or waive application of the rules when appropriate.   
Strategic Plan Goal(s)
Operational Excellence
Reason for Recommended Action/Background
In coordination with Chair Saylor, this Office recommends that the Board affirm the use of Rosenberg's Rules of Order for the 2019 calendar year.  The Board Governance Manual states that "[w]ith agreed-upon procedures, (the Chair) conducts Board meetings consistent with the law and the principles of transparency, ensuring the Board, staff and public understand the process and actions to be taken, and that adequate and equitable public input is received prior to Board discussion and deliberation."  The Board has generally conducted its meetings in accordance with Rosenberg's Rules of Order, initially adopted for application to meetings in the 2014 calendar year.  Rosenberg's Rules describe a simplified set of rules of parliamentary procedure that are increasingly used by local governments as an alternative to the more lengthy and complex Robert's Rules of Order. 

Affirming that Rosenberg's Rules of Order will serve as the "agreed-upon procedures" referenced in the Board Governance Manual through 2019, will assist the Board Chair in efficiently conducting meetings and ensure that all Board members have common expectations regarding applicable procedures. County Counsel thus recommends that the Board affirm the use of Rosenberg's Rules of Order in 2019, with the understanding that:
  • Consistent with the 2014 action and the Board Governance Manual, the Chair may modify or waive application of the rules when appropriate;
  • Comment cards will continue to be used for public comments, and the Chair may limit the length of individual comments as necessary (e.g., to three minutes per speaker);
  • Board discussion will generally occur prior to the call for vote on a motion, but the Chair may call for a vote without any discussion if all Board members appear ready for action; and
  • Motions to reconsider shall be made during the meeting at which action on an item initially occurred or at the beginning of the following regularly scheduled meeting fo the Board.  All other aspects of the Motion to Reconsider section of Rosenberg's Rules of Order will be followed unless the Chair determines otherwise.
Collaborations (including Board advisory groups and external partner agencies)
This item was coordinated with Chair Saylor and the County Administrator.

Fiscal Information
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Att. A. Rosenberg's Rules of Order

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