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January 26, 2021 



NOTE: This meeting is being agendized to allow Board Members,
staff and the public to participate in the meeting via teleconference,
pursuant to the Governor's Executive Order N-29-20 (March 17, 2020),
available at the following

Teleconference Options to join Zoom meeting:

By PC:
Meeting ID: 112 072 974
By Phone: (408) 638-0968
Meeting ID: 112 072 974

Executive Order N-29-20 authorizes local legislative bodies to hold
public meetings via teleconference and to make public meetings
accessible telephonically or otherwise electronically to all members of
the public. Members of the public are encouraged to observe and
participate in the teleconference.

Further instructions on how to electronically participate and submit
your public comments can be found in the PUBLIC PARTICIPATION
note at the end of this agenda.

Please note:
  • During Board meetings, Supervisors will not review e-mails or other electronic communications on agenda items.
Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call.
Approval of Agenda
1.   Consider approval of agenda.
Public Comment
2.   To be afforded a brief period of time to speak before the Board of Supervisors, please refer to further instructions at the end of the agenda on how to electronically participate and submit your public comments. Note: per the Ralph M. Brown Act, Board members may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed during the public comment period on items that are not on the agenda, but may not take action on such items. You may also share your thoughts with the Board of Supervisors by submitting a written statement via email to
General Government
Clerk of the Board
3.   Approve the minutes of the January 12, 2021 Board of Supervisors meeting and the January 19, 2021 Cannabis Land Use Ordinance Workshop.
4.   Ratify the following:
  1. Resolution No. 21-04 commending Malinda Baker upon her retirement from Yolo County.
  2. Resolution No. 21-05 proclaiming January 2021 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.
5.   Accept resignations, consider appointments and reappointments.
6.   Correspondence.
7.   Conferences, meetings and events the Board of Supervisors attended.
County Administrator
8.   Approve revised calendar of meetings of the Board of Supervisors for 2021. (No general fund impact) (Blacklock)
9.   Receive the updated 2020-2025 Strategic Plan summary document and the Strategic Plan 2020 Accomplishments report. (No general fund impact) (Cook/Jhajj)
10.   Approve and authorize the Chair to sign a letter to the Chair of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation in recognition of financial assistance provided for the expansion of the Yolo Adult Day Health Center. (No general fund impact) (Blacklock/Cook)
11.   Receive and file the 2020 Cache Creek Annual Status Report. (No general fund impact) (Cook/Liebler)
12.   Adopt resolution authorizing the Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures to execute specified revenue agreements, and amendments to agreements with California Crop Improvement Association, California Department of Agriculture, and the California Rice Commission for 2021-22 and 2022-23. (No general fund impact) (Izquierdo)
Financial Services
13.   Authorize County's Purchasing Agent to exercise options to extend various agreements for emergency hotel leases to continue emergency shelter and housing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (No general fund impact) (Rinde/Pistochini)
Human Resources
14.   Adopt Authorized Position and Salary Resolution to implement changes in Community Services, District Attorney, General Services and Health & Human Services Agency; and adopt resolution providing for At-Will appointments to County positions. (No general fund impact) (Lara)
Law & Justice Services
District Attorney
15.   Approve addendum to Agreement No. 14-239 with Neal D. Peart to extend lease located at 414 4th Street in Woodland for three years, effective February 1, 2021 to January 31, 2024, with an option to extend the lease through January 31, 2027 and authorize the District Attorney to sign the lease addendum. (No general fund impact) (Reisig)
Health & Human Services
Adult & Aging
16.   Approve awards totaling $210,000 in Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) funding to the Yolo County CSBG service providers, for the period of March 27, 2020 through May 31, 2022; and authorize the Yolo County Procurement Manager to execute the resulting agreements. (No general fund impact) (Larsen)
17.   Approve agreement with North Valley Behavioral Health, LLC in the amount of $2,136,000 for the period of January 26, 2021 through June 30, 2023 for the provision of operations and related services at Pine Tree Gardens Board and Care facilities. (No general fund impact) (Larsen)
Community Health
Approve first amendment to Agreement No. 19-232 with Yolo County Children’s Alliance to increase funding for 2020-21 in the amount of $11,777.51 for a new contract maximum of $653,860.51 for the period of November 1, 2019 through September 30, 2021; and to update and clarify language in the Agreement.  (No general fund impact) (Larsen)
Service Centers
19.   Approve Subsidized Employment Agreement No. SE 21-8 with Yolo Food Bank to provide training for California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) clients in the amount of $16,500 for the period December 4, 2020 through June 30, 2021. (No general fund impact) (Larsen)
Community Services
Community Services
20.   Approve agreement with Scott A. Stone and Karen K. Stone in the amount of $510,000 to purchase 85 acres of Swainson's Hawk mitigation credits to satisfy mitigation requirement for the Yolo County Central Landfill soil borrow site. (No general fund impact) (Echiburu/Yazdani)
21.   Consider request from the Dunnigan Fire Protection District to waive Environmental Health fees in an amount up to $2,907 for the installation of a new septic system or major repair of the existing septic system at the fire station; and, if approved, adopt the budget resolution requesting to increase the Environmental Health 2020-21 Budget up to $2,907 using General Fund Contingency funds to backfill the cost of services. (General fund impact $2,907) (4/5 vote required) (Echiburu/Meneghetti)
Introductions & Honorary Resolutions
22.   Introductions.
  1. Presentation of a Difference Maker Resolution. (Supervisor Provenza)
23.   Acknowledge Honorary Resolutions.
  1. Resolution commending Malinda Baker upon her retirement from Yolo County. (Supervisors Villegas and Barajas)
  2. Resolution proclaiming January 2021 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. (Supervisor Provenza)
9:00 a.m. Health & Humans Services Agency
24.   Receive update on the 2020-2025 System Improvement Plan for Child Welfare Services and Probation. (No general fund impact) (Larsen)
(NOTE: Items below may be heard at any time during the meeting)
General Government
Board of Supervisors
25.   Action items and reports from members of the Board of Supervisors, including announcements, questions to be referred to staff and reports on various 2x2s and meetings with other agencies. (Board of Supervisors)
  1. South Davis Library Ad Hoc update. (Supervisors Saylor and Provenza)
  2. Budget Ad Hoc Subcommittee update. (Supervisors Provenza and Barajas)
26.   Long Range Planning Calendar - recurring opportunity for Board members to discuss and as needed, direct staff regarding future Board agenda items. (Board of Supervisors)
General Government
County Administrator
27.   Action items and reports from the County Administrator. (Blacklock)
28.   Receive update and consider any actions needed to support the COVID-19, a virus in the Coronavirus family, response and recovery strategies. (No general fund impact) (Blacklock)
29.   Approve three-year agreement with MBK Engineers in the amount of $13,178,593 to provide design, engineering, environmental compliance, regulatory permitting, and project/construction management services for the Knights Landing Flood Risk Reduction project for the period of January 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023. (No general fund impact) (Cook/Sabatini)
Financial Services
30.   Receive preliminary assessment of the 2021-22 budget and approve the 2021-22 Budget Principles and Budget Development Calendar. (No general fund impact) (Rinde/Qader)
31.   Receive and file the County's annual financial statements and independent auditor's report for fiscal year ended June 30, 2020. (No general fund impact) (Rinde/Tiriboyi)
Community Services
Community Services
32.   Consider a fee waiver program for the 2020-21 fiscal year for Environmental Health (EH) permit fees for restaurants, bars, restaurant/bar combinations and bakeries to ease the financial burden of permit fees during the COVID-19 pandemic. (General fund impact $200,000) (4/5 vote required) (Echiburu/Meneghetti)
Closed Session
33.   Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation
Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(2)
Significant exposure to litigation: 1 case(s)
34.   Public Report of action taken in Closed Session.
Next meeting scheduled for:
  • Board Governance Session, February 2, 2021
  • Board of Supervisors Meeting, February 9, 2021
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing agenda was posted by 5:00 p.m. on January 22, 2021 in the following places:
  • On the bulletin board at the east entrance of the Erwin W. Meier Administration Building, 625 Court Street, Woodland, California; and
  • On the bulletin board outside the Board of Supervisors Chambers, Room 206 in the Erwin W. Meier Administration Building, 625 Court Street, Woodland, California.
By: ______________________________
Julie Dachtler, Senior Deputy Clerk
If requested, this agenda can be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rules and Regulations adopted in implementation thereof.  Persons seeking an alternative format should contact the Clerk of the Board for further information. In addition, a person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services, in order to participate in a public meeting should contact the Clerk of the Board as soon as possible and at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  The Clerk of the Board may be reached at (530) 666-8195 or at the following address:
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
County of Yolo
625 Court Street, Room 204
Woodland, CA 95695
Note: Board of Supervisors meetings stream live at and also videotaped for later broadcast on local cable stations.  Check your local carrier for broadcast dates and times.
Based on guidance from the California Department of Public Health and the California Governor’s Office, in order to minimize the spread of the COVID 19 virus, please do the following:
  1. You are strongly encouraged to observe the Board of Supervisors meeting, Meeting ID: 112 072 974 or phone in via 1-408-638-0968 Meeting ID: 112 072 974.
  2. If you are joining the meeting via zoom and wish to make a comment on an item, press the "raise a hand" button. If you are joining the meeting by phone, press *9 to indicate a desire to make comment. The chair will call you by name or phone number when it is your turn to comment. Speakers will be limited to 2 minutes (subject to change).
  3. If you choose not to observe the Board of Supervisors meeting but wish to make a comment on a specific agenda item, please submit your comment via email by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the Board meeting. Please submit your comment to the Clerk of the Board noting in the subject line: For Public Comment. Your comment will be placed into the record at the Board meeting.
  4. If you are watching/listening to the Board meeting and wish to make either a general public comment or to comment on a specific agenda item as it is being heard, you may also submit your comment, limited to 250 words or less, to the Clerk of the Board at noting in the subject line: For Public Comment. Every effort will be made to read your comment into the record, but some comments may not be read due to time limitations. Comments received after an agenda item will be made part of the record if received prior to the end of the meeting.
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